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The electronic college of kenya is a development institute that was established to facilitate the creation and communication of new policies, training, ideas and concepts through e-learning.

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About us


To transform the electronic learning service by continually developing core skills and competencies.


Excellence in electronic service delivery.


To Provide training, Consultancy and research services, designed to promote national development, standards of competence and integrity in the public service, State corporation, local governments and the private sector.

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Our services

We organize and implement training programs, conferences, workshops and seminars using video conferencing and web based resources.

We provide video conferencing and high speed internet facilities for hire.

We provide linkages with over 120 similar GDLN centers in 80 countries around the world for meetings and training events.

We identify content providers to suit individual institutional requirements.

Allow miscellaneous business center related activities (e.g. printing, photocopying and browsing. Search, identify and offer relevant (as determined by your organization), flexible content from around the world.

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